The Tripe Stall

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The Tripe Stall

Tripe, cowheel, black pudding, dripping, eggs, assorted cooked meats and savoury pies


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 01254 669157

Tripe has very few calories and is packed full of more protein than a cut of steak, not to mention it being a Lancashire delicacy.

The stall not only sells tripe but also offers cowheel, black pudding, bacon, beef stew, dripping, eggs, assorted cooked meats and savoury pies, so you can get all the ingredients you need for a real hearty Lancashire meal.

During the war, tripe was part of a staple diet as it was one of the only meats that wasn’t rationed. In the 1950s, Lancashire had a chain of tripe restaurants that specialised in tripe recipes and had people queuing around the block to get in.

Recently, celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc, as well as Lancashire’s very own Nigel Haworth have brought tripe back on to the British menu by using it in their recipes.

So for a food steeped in local history and for a great deal, visit the Tripe Stall today.