Blackburn Appliances

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Blackburn Appliances

Everything electrical including washers, dryers, cookers, fridges, vacuums, spares & repairs.


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 01254 669211

Blackburn Appliances have been trading on the market for the last 35 years, making this one of the longest standing stall holders currently trading.

This premier electrical appliance store is dedicated to bringing customers the best range of new and graded appliances in town, with the most competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

The stall specialises in white goods with a large selection of washers, dryers and fridges as well as heaters, dehumidifiers, kettles, irons and toasters.

They also sell vacuum cleaners and their spare parts, plus spares for other appliances.

Matt encourages people to visit their stall where the can offer advice and answer any queries customers may have with their vast knowledge and experience of the trade.

As an added bonus, they offer free local delivery and all of their products come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.