Glad Tidings

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Glad Tidings

Greeting cards & party-ware. Affordable, competitive prices. Now with Yankee Candles too!


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01254 669234

Glad Tidings boasts being the oldest, longest established card stall on Blackburn Market, having been trading for 21 years. In 2003 it was taken over by now owner James Crawford and, since then, have become arguably the best around.

Specialising in greeting cards and party-ware for all occasions, all of their products in their fantastic range are at affordable, competitive prices. If you’re struggling to find a card that says what you want it to, Glad Tidings have a fantastic choice, and even have a dedicated extended rack for times of the year including Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

They also sell Yankee candles, balloons, gift bags and wrapping paper, with specific ages or designs, as well as calendars and other gifts such as glasses.

Glad Tidings now offer a postal service, making it easier to send your cards and gifts to your loved ones.