Pepper Pot is the perfect stop for the traditional or adventurous, for the sit-down meal, to the take-away lunch.

Offering everything from classic hot sandwiches, such as Steak Canadian, turkey, stuffing and gravy, and Philly Steak, to cold sandwiches made to order, Pepper Pot offers all the classics, with a few fresh tastes for good measure.

Bowen’s pies, chips and gravy, all-day breakfast and jacket potatoes are jut some of the staple dishes you can find here.

Looking for something a little lighter? Pepper Pot also offer a delicious soup of the day.

And for dessert? Why not try one of their temptingly fresh cream cakes?

All food is available to takeaway or eat in. Pepper Pot is located in the food court.

Phone: 01254 669148